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Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC)

TRADOC G-2 Operational Environment and Core Functions

BMA, as a member of Team CGI, has supported TRADOC G2 since 2012. TRADOC Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence (G-2) is an innovative, learning, and enabling enterprise that examines national security challenges, defines OE variables, challenges solutions, and expands perspectives in order to enable the Human Capital Enterprise to accomplish its mission – to select, organize, train, and equip our Army; to conduct full-spectrum operations; today and tomorrow; fully synchronized with the Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) process. Primary duty locations are Tidewater, Virginia; Fort Leavenworth, Kansas; and in Theatres of Operations.  G-2’s purpose is to identify, define, and predict the variables of the OE and then apply and channel the product towards ensuring the rigor and relevance of a complex battlefield and adaptive threat are integrated across the mission area.  The mission area includes Leader Development (LD) and training (individual, unit, and collective), concept and doctrine development, and requirements determination.

As a member of Team CGI, BMA supports TRADOC’s designated Lead for the OE Key Enabler. Support to TRADOC G-2 includes:

  • Study, develop, and maintain the OE; manage OE replication and design for Army LD, Army Training and provide validated OEs to support Capabilities Development including war-games and experiments.
  • Build and maintain an OE knowledge center as a flexible network of data, tools, relationships, processes, and systems capable of replicating the most complex and difficult circumstances expected in the OE.
  • Manage the Army Operational Environment/Opposing Forces (OE/OPFOR) modernization program to support LD and training at Combat Training Centers (CTCs), home stations, and Centers of Excellence (CoEs).
  • Collaborate with Deputy Director Joint Staff J-7, Joint and Coalition Warfighting (JCW) or equivalent Organization on the Joint Operational Environment (JOE) and threats to ensure consistency in the development of the OE benchmark for Joint LD, training, and experimentation.
  • Validate and assess OE and threats application across the TRADOC mission set.
  • Provide Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) expertise in support of the command’s priorities.

Additionally, in support of the OE and TRADOC CORE functions, G-2 executes its mission and functions by:

  • Providing independent expert, critical reviews of plans, concepts, organizations, and programs.
  • Serving as the joint lead and Army proponent for Red Teaming.
  • Serving as the Army lead for joint open source intelligence.
  • Exercising staff management of all intelligence, foreign disclosure, and security (personnel, technology, and communications) policy, products, and priorities.
  • Representing TRADOC for intelligence resources and integration of ISR concepts and requirements with responsible agencies.

Lastly, G-2 executes special projects and missions assigned as short term, rapid acquisition needs for Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Consultants. Historical and current activity dictates G-2 establish and sustain an analytic enterprise to ensure TRADOC remains connected to ongoing OE activities in Joint and National Agencies as well as across TRADOC CoEs.