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National Guard




The mission of the Army National Guard (ARNG) Mission Command Training Support Program (MCTSP) is to provide digital and analog mission command training to ARNG units during pre-mobilization training. The objective is to develop commanders, their staffs, information system operators, and leaders in the art and science of mission command.

The ARNG provides Mission Command training and training support opportunities to ARNG units at six regional MTCs, or at the unit commander’s preferred location via Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) and distributed simulations. This program assists commanders in meeting their Sustainable Readiness Model and Objective-T aim points in preparing to execute Decisive Action in Unified Land Operations.

The MCTSP provides individual and collective training support using Live, Virtual, Constructive, and Gaming (LVC-G) training domains, distributed learning, and distributed exercises at the MTCs or the unit’s preferred training location. This support encompasses both digital and non-digital environments based on the Commander’s Training Plan and other pre-mobilization requirements as directed by the Government.

As a member of Team Parsons, BMA provides Senior Training Advisors, Senior Training Experts, and Doctrinal Training Teams consisting of War-Fighting Function Subject Matter Experts in support of the MCTSP mission. Based out of MTC-Leavenworth and MTC-Chaffee, employees provide direct support to two regions. Region #1 comprises 7-States across the mid-west, and Region #6 includes 6-States throughout the south-east portion of the United States and Puerto Rico. Employees also provide general support to the Program’s other four Regions across the continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska, and U.S. Territories.